Cognitive Behavoural Therapy and other great mental health methods

     Talking is a great way forward. There is a usefull resource list at the bottom of the page but have a look at this stull first

CBT on-line -free

The HSE fund an excellent free service but you must be referred by a GP so discuss with your GP and see the outline in the following link

others               Self help for depression and anxiety      Good UK resource  for self help

CBT on-line Pay  Great service in Donnybrook and Wicklow St and also on-line   Service for families, teens, children, couples or individuals with some reduced charge options  Located in Sandyford D18 and providing online consultation  Sandyford and Shankill for  Couple Individual and Teen


An intro Podcast well worth your time if you feel your head is not in the right place and somebody mentioned CBT

Hit this button below for a great source of usefullsuggestions