Covid19 Vaccination 

Goatstown Medical will be vaccinating ALL our patients aged 70 years and older. The Pfizer and Mederna vaccines have been approved by the European Medicines Authority. The HSE have started delivery to us and we have commenced vaccination with the Pfizer vaccine. The HSE have put a lot of work into deciding who will be vaccinated at any time. We have to follow their directions and you can see their guidelines at the links at the bottom of the page. We have a consent form attached above and you will need get a friend or relative to  print this off. Read it , sign it and bring  to the practice with you for the vaccination. It will give you information  and help us to make this run smoothly.

This will begin with the over 85 year old group the week of the 22nd of February then approximatly two weeks later the 80-84 year old's, then two weeks later the 75-79 year old's, then two weeks after that the 70-74 year old's, depending on vaccine deliveries.

We have a list of names so if you are a patient of the practice you are already on our list. ALL patients will be vaccinated based on age as the only criteria. Please do not ring our secretary to explain why you or your relative should “jump the queue” but we encourage you to ring to confirm your contact details and to down load the form. We are bound to obey the guidelines set by the statutory authorities.

You will be recruited by text message to your mobile number so please confirm your mobile number or if you do not have a mobile can you nominate a relatives mobile number for us to use to contact you. We will continue to try to contact you by other means if you do not reply but obviously it will be more efficient for you if we can contact you by the first method we try.

More information will be posted on out website over the coming weeks. The phone lines are very busy at the moment so we would really appreciate it if you could follow the advice on the website for updates.


I / my carer/ my spouse is in a different age group, can they get vaccinated with me?

- No, the HSE are going to give us a very strict number of vaccines based on our patient numbers for each age group. We have been advised that we unfortunately cannot deviate from this in any way. Don’t worry, everyone will get vaccinated but the HSE have instructed us to use age as the only criteria at present.

I have an underlying health problem, can I get the vaccine earlier?

- Unfortunately we are not able to prioritise one patient over another as all patients in your age group are considered at a higher risk, and nearly all have underlying health issues. We will do our best to get you vaccinated as soon as possible.

What vaccine will I be getting, and can I choose which brand of vaccine I get?

- We understand that we will be getting either the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines. There is no option to choose an alternative brand/vaccine. This is also the case in other countries such as the UK.

How many doses of the vaccine will I need?

- There will be two doses of the vaccine adminstered 28 days apart.

What are the risks of the vaccine

- All information about the vaccine will be on the HSE website prior to the vaccination and further will be available here prior to the vaccinations

What about patients under 70?

- While the over 70s age group has been prioritised with the first rollout of vaccines, the HSE are currently organising a national electronic/online portal to recruit anyone under 70. This is still being designed. We understand that people under 70 may be vaccinated in several different areas...GP surgery, Pharmacies or in mass vaccination clinics.

Vaccine Allocation Groups

Vaccine Information resource

Source of up to date info on the roll out of the vaccine programme