Covid-19 Vaccination 

Covid Vaccines

We are currently continuing to offer Covid vaccines to all our patients . Just contact the surgery by phone and we will offer you an appointment. 

Covid Vaccines for OVER 15year olds

We are booster  vaccinating all age groups from 16yrs old up.SO that is vaccine 1, vaccine 2 and first booster. Second boosters for over 50 will not be until early October or a little earlier. 

All people with immune compromising conditions and drugs ( such as cancer treatments) are getting a second booster now.

If you are over 15 you can ring now to contact our reception and make an appointment. Our record needs to be accurate for logging to HSE after your vaccine so have the following info ready when booking and bring with you to you appointment especially the email address on a piece of paper .


2.Address and Eircode

3. Date of birth


5. Your relevant Email address (for your Certificate so very important)


What are the risks of the vaccine

- All information about the vaccine is on the HSE website

CHILDREN'S Vaccine 5-15yr olds

Children's vaccine 5-15 year old's will be given through the HSE vaccine centers and pharmacy's, not through GPs

Children's vaccine 5-11 year old's will be given through the HSE vaccine centers and not through GPs, So register to get a vaccine on HSE website. There is also good information about the Pfizer vaccine on this site which is the only vaccineoption for these age groups.

Children's vaccines - making as decision-There is a good section on HSE's website to help.

Pregnancy and Covid 19 

Covid vaccination is highly recommended at anytime through pregnancy . Good information below on HSE website.