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Covid Advice from NEPHED

Following Government decision, from 28th February 2022, the following public health measures will
1. Mandatory mask wearing in settings where it is currently regulated for, including: public
transport, taxis, retail and other indoor public settings, and staff in hospitality settings.
2. Public health measures in early learning settings, school-aged childcare, primary and
secondary schools. These measures include physical distancing measures such as pods, and
mask wearing. It is recognised that there will be some children who will wish to continue
wearing masks. It is important that any child who wishes to wear a mask should not be

However, the following is STILL ADVISED:
• continued wearing of masks, adherence to basic hand and respiratory hygiene, practicing of
physical distancing and avoidance of crowded poorly ventilated environments based on
individual risk assessment with a continuing focus on protecting others.
• the continuation of mask wearing on public transport. This is a setting where physical
distancing can be difficult and where those who are more vulnerable to the severe impacts of
COVID-19 do not always have a discretion to avoid.
• the continued adherence to infection, prevention and controls measures including mask
wearing in healthcare settings in line with evolving national guidance.
• the continuation of public health measures including hand and respiratory hygiene,
ventilation, advice to stay home if symptomatic, and maintenance of good basic cleaning
schedules to reduce the risk of spread of all infections, in all settings including in early
learning settings, school-aged childcare, primary and secondary schools. These measures are
important for mitigating the spread of COVID-19 but also for mitigating the spread of other
viral infections.
• everyone is encouraged and supported to complete their primary and booster programmes
of vaccination.
• Government also indicated on 22/02/22 that, “during this transition phase, the current
arrangements in place in respect of the schools', early learning and school-aged care facilities
antigen testing programmes will also continue”