Really useful tools

Many people, young and old, are feeling anxious about Coronavirus and the impact it could have on their health and their livelihoods.  So we have compiled a list of resources that we hope you may find helpful.

Remember to

  • Limit the amount of news and social media you look at.
  • Keep up your healthy routines(exercise, diet, sleep)
  • Stay connected to others
  • Involve your children in some of your discussions
  • try to anticipate distress
  • try not to judge people around you

-For Parents - How to talk to children about coronavirus 

-The outbreak of COVID-19 will pose additional challenges for older people who may already be vulnerable and particularly those who struggle with health difficulties, loneliness, and other issues.  ALONE have set up a helpline 0818222024 for anyone who has concerns about their own wellbeing, or the wellbeing of an older person they may know. Further information can be found on

-Psychiatrist Dr Brendan Kelly has written a very easy to read book to help us all understand and cope with the unique mental stresses of today, as we deal with the threat of COVID-19, coronavirus.  Available for  €1 online, with royalties being donated to medical charities assisting with the global response to coronavirus.  

-The HSE have compiled a very helpful list of  service providers that offer online and phone mental health supports and services which can be found here

These include online counselling, phone and text services as well as further online supports which can be found on  

-And lastly, 2 videos. 

1. We invite everyone to try this simple mindful muscle relaxation 6 minute video, great for all ages, all you need is a chair

2. This is a longer video that some will find very helpful, from a clinical psychologist working in London discussing the principles of anxiety and strategies to help.  

Her Key messages are very important: It is OK not to be OK, this situation is unprecedented and it is normal to feel worried or stressed. We will get through this, there are strategies to help, and this will not last forever