VITAL info for your Covid Vaccine with us in GMC

IMPORTANT-     When you have been invited to a vaccination appointment by us- see the following advice as your contribution to your vaccine

1. YOU MUST BRING THIS CONSENT FORM OR NO VACCINATION  We have a consent form attached below and you will need get a friend or relative to  print this off.   READ it , SIGN it and BRING it  to the practice with you for the vaccination appointment. It will give you information  and help us to make this run smoothly. Many people are forgetting to bring it and it slows everything down. . You can collect a copy of the form at the practice if you do not have a printer. Please do NOT wait until your appointment to get a form from us as it seriously slow us down WHEREAS bringing your form complete with your PPSN will create a nice welcome from us

2. Wear short sleeves

3. Allow for 15 mins observation time in our waiting room  after vaccine. 

4 Arrive on time for your vaccine , not early or late as we are vaccinating a lot of people we are well organised so people out of sync disrupt the flow and stress the system.

5. If you have had a first or two vaccines elsewhere then we cannot give you another vaccine. Please inform us so we can cancel any booking and note your vaccines on our records. 

Covid vaccine consent 23 2 21.doc Covid vaccine consent 23 2 21.doc
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