At Goatstown Medical Centre we are a modern GP practice providing a wide range of services for individuals and families at a very high standard with a friendly and skilled team.


Covid Swabs or antibody blood tests available.

 COVID 19 is here but all the usual medical problems do not go away.

We have notice that many of our patients are avoiding troubling us with their worries illness's and pains. We want to hear from you as we know that we can help and we have created lots of space for non Covid issues. 

We continue to see all medical conditions in the surgery and continue to carry out blood tests , vaccinations, antenatal checks and blood pressure checks  

If you have any respiratory symptoms mild moderate or severe - DO NOT VISIT the Medical Centre. Contact us by phone and we can discuss the best option for you. There is no charge for Covid  related consultations.

Covid 19 swabs can be arranged for at any time for travel or work purposes. With fast next day results you can use for travel or work. Just book directly with our secretary for (either a swab or antibody test) for a day that suits you. 

Latest information on Corvid 19, can be found on the Department of Health's information page


Excellent Covid details from the HSE including Cocooning and self-isolation


New Restricted movements and Self-isolation on HSE site as follows 


Advice for sharing a home with someone who is Covid 19 positive or awaiting result




Dr Tiernan Murray

Dr Rodney Regan

Dr Jane O'Herlihy

Dr Sarah Murray 

Dr Oisín McPhillips


Tel: 012984613/012986338

Fax: 012961160

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